Thrown your psyche back to late 2008, when the first Android-controlled handset saw the light of day. Obama won his first Presidential race, Apple released its App Store (the iPhone had showed up the prior year), Google reported its own particular Chrome program and we got our first take a gander at the organization’s new portable OS on the T-Mobile G1. The Android of 2013 is a world far from that 2008 variant, where the Android Market was in its early stages, there were no local video playback capacities and the G1 had no multi-touch support. Be that as it may, Google must continue developing and enhancing its portable OS to keep the lion’s offer of the cell phone market.
Anatomy 4D is an expanded reality application that makes it simpler for clients to collaborate with complex data identified with the human body. The application is ideal for understudies, specialists, or any individual who needs to know more about the human body.


Vio is another music application that transforms your voice into an instrument. Regardless of the possibility that you can’t sing, Vio has pitch rectification innovation that permits anybody to make one of a kind sounds.

Spyglass is an innovative perspective discoverer that places a compass, gyrocompass, maps, strategic GPS, and tons more valuable devices right on your iPhone screen.

Cycloramic is an iPhone application that can take an entire 360-degree photograph, sans hands.

Action Movie FX transforms anybody into an enhancements cameraman. There are a huge amount of channels that include plane blasts, beasts, and other enhancements to your photographs and videos.

Carrot is a virtual collaborator that offers you some assistance with getting things done. It transforms errands into an amusement, the more you accomplish the more you accomplish inside of the application.

Haiku Deck is an iPad application that makes it straightforward and simple to make marvelous presentations. What isolates Haiku Deck from other comparable applications is its gigantic determination of topics, formats, channels, and access to huge amounts of imaginative lodge photographs all inside of the application.

SnapShop Showroom is an enlarged reality application that gives anyone a chance to arrange for how they will finish a room. The application keeps up a colossal index of furniture from prevalent stores such as IKEA, Crate Barrel, CB2, Horchow and Pier.
The main assurance about Android’s future is that it has a battle staring it’s in the face to stay focused. Apple’s new-look iOS 7 has given Google bounty to consider, not slightest with its tie-ins with Face book, Twitter, Bing, Flickr and Vimeo. Android’s proceeding with reconciliation with Chrome and the desktop/tablet will make for an intriguing story as well – they’re both keep running by the same man, Sundar Pichai, recall – and maybe Google’s greatest test will be to persuade us that we can believe it with more data about where we are, who we speak with and the way we experience our lives.