It’s a new type of footwear insole specially designed for comfort and health.The Digitsole is half activity tracker and half foot warmer.By connecting with simple android/ios app we can control and monitor our physical activity.To use the app you require bluetooth 4.0.

1. Dowload app and from there select your sole you have or order new sole(you need only digisole before you can connect with app)
2. You can set heat temperature for each feet separately.
3. You can track the no. of steps you taken and current altitude too.
4. You can also check current calories burnt or calories burnt during specific time (good feature for health conscious people..:) ).

Digitsole are so thin that it can easily fit into your shoes ,you can easily replace it with in built insole of any shoes and enjoy ridding,skiing,motorbiking,travelling and outdoor work.

1. Digitsole is around 100-120 gms in weight,so its really lightweigh to carry.
2. It is only 13mm thick at the heel and less than 5mm think form toe.
3.The ortholite cushion placed at the back of the insole, it softens the shock and spreads the vibrations associated with walking and running.
4. The arch support adds balance and posture to the foot.