No need to think what to wear for party now, just create your design and get your custom clothes get ready within few minutes
Sharing garments as a files across the internet and printing garments like any paper, is not a dream now. Yes now we can print any fabric or any designed as and when required. New age of clothing is here now. Digital clothes has changed the era of fashion.
How it works:
1. You need mold in CAD, either made it of your own or get it done from somewhere.

2. Place your design in the Electroloom and turn it on. Your custom fabric will be created

3. Pull out your fabric from mold.

4. Enjoy your custom fabric

Principle behind it:

Digitize fibers are bond using metal chopsticks and an electric field.This technique create finished product i.e non-woven textile that flexes, folds and flow like any other fabric we wear. A piece of cloth is created using Field Guided Fabrication (FGF).
FGF is essentially an electrospinning process that takes a liquid solution, converts it into solid fibers that are then deposited and bonded onto a 3D mold. The 3D mold is placed inside a chamber with an internal electric field that guides and bonds the fiber onto the mold. Numerous fibers that have been deposited will have formed a single, seamless piece of fabric that will retains the shape of the mold.For now we can have only limited colors and limited number of fabrics like we can have polyester/cotton blend for now and only white color, but in future we will able to have more colors like blue, yellow, green or so and more fabrics like silk/ acrylic .

Electroloom Specifications:

• Total dimensions: 1000mm x 1080mm x 620mm
• Interior chamber: 900mm x 900mm x 600mm
• Maximum mold size: 800mm x 900mm
• Voltage range: 2-19kV
• Computer connection: USB

Price of Electroloom:

Alpha testers starting at just $4,500, and final machine price may raise a total of $50,000.

Enjoy making custom clothes with Electroloom. But once you need to pay good money to have this machine…:)