Google simply proclaimed that it’s going to merge all of its varied payment programs into one whole, known as “Google Pay.” Google Pay is going to be a one-stop store all of your Google Payment needs: NFC smartphone payments, P2P transfers, GTez and internet payments. Google’s payment resolution web site has already clicked over to the new brand name, and we’d guess a rebrand of the Android Pay app will not be way behind. The branding ought to begin shooting up on store mastercard machines, too.
Google wallet was initially launched in 2011, and at only once supported NFC payments for products/services. In 2015, the corporate announced about a service, Android Pay, for on-line and real-world payments, and Google Wallet has become a person-to-person payment system. It seems Google desires to evade confusion by creating this brand name amendment.
This is the 5th Google’s payment brand name. Google Checkout was Google’s PayPal rival, giving internet sellers a payment process resolution and clients a simple way to bring over their mastercard and address information. Google Wallet was the initial NFC payment system for smartphones, and later it absolutely was rebranded to Android Pay with the Wallet protrusive around as a P2P payment system.
Android Pay is presently Google’s primary payment brand name, however it is a bit embarrassed given it’s branded as a platform-specific factor. It does not add up to use Android Pay on a Chrome OS device, as an example. There is conjointly “Google Tez,” a payment system in India, that lets users pay bills from corporations directly from an account additionally to P2P and alternative payment modes.
So that’s why “Google Pay” is the latest payment system for each quite payment Google provider—all without the platform-specific branding issues of Android Pay. Google says this can be “just the initial step for Google Pay” and it “can’t wait to share a lot of.”