Gymwatch is your own personal trainer cum gym.You can use it anytime/anywhere.It performs various task like feels your burn,detect incorrectly performed exercises, offer tips on improvement for up to 900 distinct workouts.Tell the difference between a solid rep and a half-hearted effort.It is further attached with app,which provide audio feedback as if your personal trainer do.
It gives you lasting and effective way to remain fit. Some of its features are:
1. Personal Fitness Coach.
2. Professional Performance Diagnostics.
3. Ultimate Fitness Tracking Experience.
4. Motivation by Community.
5. Free Online & Mobile Fitness App.
With this gymwatch you can do workout more properly with or without machines.It act as a guide for beginners as well as experts.
Some of its highlights:
1. GUARANTEED RESULTS: GYMWATCH is the fastet and most effective way to become athletic and be healthy.
2. 100% PERFECT FOR YOU: The exercises and workouts perfectly fit to your fitness level, regardless of you being a beginner, intermediate or an expert.
3. YOUR MOTIVATION-KICK:Always be motivated and make fitness your lifestyle. Connect with your friends or other GYMWATCH athletes in gymwatch community.
4. TRACK AND ANALYZE EVERY EXERCISE: In the gymwatch exercise guide you have access to all exercises you need for your athletic body. Track and analyze your training progress like a professional athlete.

Science behind Technology:

The GYMWATCH sensor operates with several high-precision motion sensors and determines your strength by inverse dynamics. It works on three principles:
1. Intensity control
2. Reps and speed
3. Motion Correction
One single GYMWATCH Sensor can track every fitness exercise. You can switch it from your arm to your leg, if you want to switch between upper body and lower body exercises.It tracks everything.You can wear two sensors for fastest result.


1. Multi-exercise: Track and monitor every fitness exercise. With your bodyweight, free weights or machines.

2.Real-time feedback: Get instant feedback during your exercise on your reps, your speed, your movement execution and your set breaks.

3.Strength and Motion: Measure strength and motion,and every exercise movements.

4.Metrics: Get simple graphs and indicators of your load and your progress.

5.Android and IOS App: It’s app works with all Android devices running 4.1 (API 16) and above Works with iPhone 4S and above running iOS 8


1. Battery Life: It provides really long battery backup,up to 30 days battery capacity from one charge – longer than any other fitness-tracker.

2.LED: Get light feedback from your Sensor for start, stop, tracking mode and battery status.

3.High Comfort: Strap the GYMWATCH Sensor on your arm or leg. Comfortable and light to wear.

4.Bluetooth: Connects with Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy

5.Micro USB: Rechargeable via Micro USB like your Smartphone.

6.Motion Sensors: Each GYMWATCH Sensor includes multiple motion Sensors to record the course of limb movements on all axes and measure the time under tension of different muscle contractions.


Happy exercising with gymwatch….:)