If you want to give new life to your old headphones, you are at the right place. There is no need to buy the new pairs; you can mend them on your own as well. Headphones are made up of a plug which you usually insert on your MP3 player or mobile phones etc. Then, there are wires that connect your earbuds. Before you start with anything, first identify the problem.
Following issues can occur-
• They may stop working at all
• Your pet may chew them making the wires crushed
• The wires may pull out from the plug
• One side of the headphones may stop working
• They can either function occasionally or can also stop working completely.
Coming to the fixing part, following are the Things you will need-
• Scissors and tweezers
• Small screwdriver
• Knife or sharp blade
• Self-adhesive insulating tape etc.
To apart the pair of headphones, all you need to have is a small screwdriver to get those tiny screws out and this screwdriver is easily available in DIY shops or hardware shops. When you will disassemble the headphones, you can easily figure out the wires. If any of the wire is disconnected, you can easily reattach them using tape. Also sometimes, the wires inside the lead get broken and are usually difficult to track. In case the break is visible, carefully open the lead, find the broken wire and then rejoin the ends using soldering iron. After rejoining them, cover them up with the tape to neaten up the repair.
Always remember to regularly wipe the earphones with the homemade cleaning solution to avoid dirt build-up which will eventually increase their life.