Have you keep in mind once first Android powered phone launched within the market and got large limelight? Once Google first declared regarding its own Chrome browser, we tend to all got 1st check out the company’s new mobile OS on the T-mobile G1. once it involves mention the Android 2020, it’s far from 2008 version, wherever the Android market was in its childhood days.

We all understand that there are several new Android monikers showing within the market and its codename ought to begin with an R. Well, let’s have a glance on way forward for Android OS like what reasonably options we are able to expect from this OS within the year 2020.

Android Messaging

Since its beginning, Google Android has created it clear with Hangouts upgrade as we all have gotten at I/O this year. Today, with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, FaceTime and Skype, there’s little doubt that we are able to see that Google is additionally pushing into electronic communication game, email, covering SMS, instant messages and video line of work with varied tools that are baked into Android.

Android Hardware

We can say that Android hardware can play a major role in Android’s roadmap. these days with smaller, quicker and dilutant screens of phone, we can|we are able to expect a flexible screens within the close to future like Samsung have the teach already in production and Android will for sure amendment to adapt itself through scrolling rivers of reports, standing updates and alternative notifications.

Android Maps

As we tend to all understand that Apple’s Maps application don’t set the globe burning once it 1st launched within the market, therefore Google ought to exerting to remain ahead within the market. We all know that 2015 Google Maps has refresh brought with best customization supported your personal searches and it will increase within the future.

Android Payments

In the next few years, creating payments through our phones will become additional necessary like transferring cash and confirmative the identity. As Google appraiser application of 2020 can work together with your device’s NFC chip to mechanically log you into Gmail after you sit with your portable computer.