Have a combine of speakers kicking around, not being used? Need to chill and stream audio from your phone, instead of sit ahead of the PC? Each of those eventualities will be motor-assisted with Logitech’s new Bluetooth audio adapter. Connect it to a group of speakers, pair up, and listen. As we discover out, it really is that straightforward.

I hear lots of music reception, and that I would wager that lots of you are doing yet. Our front room TV has the Pandora app engineered right into it, and after we aren’t look one thing on XBMC, we tend to square measure paying attention to music. Once not in or round the TV, I leverage the combine of Logitech Speakers, reviewed here and here, to pay attention to music. These are nice as a result of the permit me to stay my music library in one central location and share those files with the networked Squeezeboxes with relative ease. Finally, once I’m on the go, I stream audio from my iPhone to my Mazda’s stereo via Bluetooth. My purpose altogether of this can be, I prefer music, and having the ability to leverage my devices is a very important a part of my daily routine.


For this review, we tend to square measure gazing the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter. What it lacks during an artistic name, it over makes up for in ease-of-use. The thought is simple: It is a little adapter, solely 2″x2″x1″ that connects to a Bluetooth-enabled sensible device. Once paired, it permits the user to stream audio to no matter power-driven receiver or speaker that they could have. This will be done via a three.5mm or RCA cables.

To combine the Logitech Bluetooth audio adapter together with your sensible device, merely browse to your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings (in my case my iPhone) and have it hunt for a determinable device. Whereas doing this, merely press the button on the highest of the Logitech adapter. You can’t miss it… it’s virtually the sole button on the whole issue. Once you press it, it’ll transmit it is pairing signal and your sensible device ought to acknowledge it.