In the year of 2011, Audi introduced an exceptional and excellent feature that would give unexpected ease in controlling all the function of any car. The new and great feature is known as MMI operating system, and is really an upgrade for their existing Audi Multi Media Interface framework or MMI. This MMI operating system permits user to naturally deal with a variety of system such as navigation, interior, entertainment, and ride motion on models along with drive select of Audi. The outcome is an equalization of simplicity, sophistication and intuitiveness to upgrade your experience of car ownership.


The Audi MMI Navigation with unique MMI touch is an instinctive connection to all features of the vehicle. This is considered as nerve center of a car. You can access all things what you need, Music, a call every things. Simply utilize the MMI controls and its touch pad or voice control. This basically an operating system which is designed according to the driver mind and it puts a scope of usefulness inside of your grip. Touch control panels are very sensitive for quick, instinctive operation; destination passage by method for handwriting acknowledgment, free movement and zooming in the guide; voice control framework with entire word section of location in one sentence; access to cell phone voice control.


The great thing about MMI touch is that it empowers drivers to input characters by utilizing a finger to “write “on the touchpad. This has an extensive variety of utilizations, for example, keying in locations for navigation purposes, putting the information like phone numbers or essentially selecting tunes to play. MMI touch likewise has support for a scope of dialects other than English. To enter a location or mobile number, the driver can easily use the letters or digits with their finger on the touch- control board; they will be able to navigate in the guide or map in the same way. Such input system works naturally and needs no familiarization. The hand lies serenely on the armrest or on the selector lever of the eight-speed tiptronic. The driver’s finger composes the letters and numbers as though consequently – and the driver’s consideration stays centered on the street.