Nutrima–analyze food
If you are aware of what you eat, you most likely verify nourishment labels for sugar, fat and salt substance before you purchase anything. That is all fine and admirable, however nourishment names won’t let you know how new the sustenance is you are going to buy, what its nutritious worth is or whether it contains any toxins. The Nutrima food analyzer will help you to get all details.


How it works:

Offering you some assistance with avoiding putting toxins in your body, the Nutrima breaks down your sustenance before you eat it. The paper-slight contraption takes a gander at your sustenance’s nourishment, freshness and poison levels just by touching it. Clients can put their nourishment in an assigned circle so that the mat can dissect what’s being put in their bodies.
Aside from being utilized as a conventional kitchen scale, Nutrima additionally gives the essential nutritious detail (protein, fat, sugars, carbohydrates and fat substance), and illuminates the users of vicinity of the most widely recognized toxins such as mercury. Before use, Nutrima is charged by dreary bowing which makes enough electric charge for the gadget to work. After utilize, the gadget ought to be washed with water.
That type of food analyzer accompanies the Nutrimapper mobile application which permits you to conform your Nutrimapper profile and settings to meet your eating regimen and inclinations, and additionally rate the best places to shop in the zone.
The Nutrima is powered via physical power. Before utilizing the mat, you should simply twist it vivaciously. The subsequent charge is sufficient for you to utilize your mat for a few minutes.

As the Nutrima is so convenient, you can bring it around while looking for nourishment. Before buying anything, you can break down the poison and freshness levels. On the off chance that the mat faculties anything disturbing, it can record that with the goal that you can abstain from shopping there once more.


What was the inspiration behind idea?

The starting thought for the idea came when the designer of Nutrima food analyzer Janne Palovuori from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences was shopping at the nearby general store. He was checking the item information sheet for the utilization by-date and healthful estimation of a pack of unnaturally red hued minced meat. The experience left him feeling baffled as he couldn’t decide the genuine nature of the nourishment. He thought if just there was a route for buyers, for example, myself to decide the wholeness of what we are eating without being dependent on promoting and data on item bundling.