SmartThings make your world smarter. SmartThings connect both kind of devices i.e technical and non-technical together to give more benefits to you. With SmartThings you can get your smoke alarms, humidity, pressure and vibration sensors to detect changes in your house and alert you through your smartphone. You could track who’s been inside your house, turn on the lights while you’re entering a room, shut windows and doors when you leave the house.

How to monitor,contro and automate your doors.

SmartThings is a smart app that makes everything smart form doors to alarm and any other device.SmartThings lets you easily monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere.
Stay connected to your home anytime anywhere,with smart home monitoring kit.


To convert your home into smart home you need “Home monitoring kit”. Than integrate with smartThings app to automate your home.You can have hundreds of compatible products or smart devices and choreograph them to work together in one free app, and create a smarter home that automatically reacts on just one button click.
With easy-to-install sensors, wide product compatibility, and no monthly fees, SmartThings gets home automation right.

More app features:


1. Dashboard: Dashboard allows you to access the app and to check status of home.To keep check on what’s hapening at home.
2. My Home: The new SmartThings app allows greater options for customization. Name your location and group your smart devices by the physical rooms in your home. This allows you to better organize your smart home
3. Routines: Routines allows you to personalize how your smart home works by customizing different actions to automatically happen .
4. Notifications: Notifications keeps you up to date on what’s happening in your home through two sections. Messages provides a summary of the actions SmartThings has taken at your request, and notifications or alerts you’ve asked to receive. Activity Feed is a running list of all events from your connected things, such as motion, temperature, doors opening and lights turning on and off.