If you are novice to Android and want to experiment with each accessible alternative you notice on the Android screen, or known with the framework, including the disturbances that make you irritated on regularly, tips and tricks to get around a Android framework is constantly useful. We arrive to help you with that.


Maintain it like a PC to improve performance.

While Android has much more alternatives than iOS, it needs more speed, horse power and client finagling to run easily without any complication. You could not do much about advancing your Anroid phone (excepting another buy), yet you can take an ideal opportunity to improve what you have. Much like a PC, Android gadgets should be tuned up once in a while. There are a few applications that can help you in this, similar to All-In-One Toolbox. Without that application however, you could erasing old, unused applications, uprooting widgets which don’t have any use.

Disable App Notifications

Irritated by frustrating app notifications which keep coming, everyday? In the event that you don’t have any knowledge about it, such type of app notifications additionally finishes your android battery. In the event that you need to turn them off, and you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 or more, here’s the way:

Add Multiple Google Accounts

You require a Google account to utilize an Android Smartphone however did you know you can run more than one Google account on your Android gadget. This is helpful in the event that you utilize more than one account for a few of your Google services.

Disable automatic App Updates

Want to read through app authorizations and physically pick which application updates to accept? You can, yet first you have to stop the auto update. In the event that you desire to stop the auto updates, take after the same way and select Auto-update app whenever or through Wi-Fi (accessible for certain Android gadgets as it were).
If you want to update your apps manually, simply open the Play Store of your gadget, swipe in from the left and tap on My applications on the main page.