Steps to implement Logics :
1) Understand the problem: Go deep into the problem and make some flow chart, to properly get the problem

2) Scope of the problem: Think Before you start, Think about scope of problem, study feasibility of the problem before starting working on it.

3) Source: Check for the available information we have regarding our problem and try to collect maximum information about the Problem.

4) Destination: Now specify your target, where you want to approach, once target is clear in your mind, it will be easy to have numerous solution.

5) Bridge: Bridge is a kind of way to approach to the destination, identify the various ways to reach to the destination.

6) No Hits and Trials: After identify all the above aspects, start working according to the flow chart, don’t just give try without thinking, follow the steps , start from source and step-by-step approach reach to destination.

7) Double Check: Cross check your work , check once do your work effect any other part or it just effected  on the particular portion? Check and make sure that your does not hinder any other work.

8) Feel Your Guts :Be confident, remember logically thinking only works if you are positive and confident enough to do so. Have patience as it may take some extra time and efforts.

9) Finalize :After you finished with all the steps ,just give a final review to your work ,test at your level ,before implement it on higher level.

Happy coding..:)


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