The technology of gadgets is changing continuously and all the gadgets manufacturing companies are launching new gadgets from time to time. At here, you will collect the information about various latest gadgets which will surely assist you in performing several tasks.
1) The umbrella that forecasts the weather
A piece of that tells to us — that’s the definition of Rose’s vision for the long run with transfixed objects.


2) The house that transforms at your command
Two-hundred sq. feet looks impossibly little, even by big apple standards — however a brand new MIT-designed micro-apartment known as CityHome that may rework a 15-by-15 area into an exercise space, lounge, study, kitchen, and sleeping space, hopes to alter all that.

3) The garbage can that orders groceries
Another model developed by Rose and colleagues, this piece of “ambient furniture” makes for a few wizards garbage.

4) Understand once somebody is staring at your image
An example of “reciprocal presence,” the LumiTouch framework allows the sensation of closeness, even for those continents apart.

5) A motorbike that pedals for you
The Copenhagen Wheel, declared at the 2009 Copenhagen Conference on global climate change and at the start developed in an MIT workplace as a quest project, contains a motor that transforms a traditional bike into a hybrid electrical vehicle.

6) The camera that records your whole life
The saying — “A new reasonably photographic memory” — says it all. This pedometer-size camera known as the Narrative Clip attaches to a jacket or shirt or on a jewelry and records high-resolution geo-tagged pictures each thirty seconds while not prompting.

7) The onesie that monitors your baby
The Mimo Baby Shirt measures kid respiration, skin temperature, body position, sleep patterns and activity levels.

8) A table that eavesdrops
Imagine sitting with an exponent over low and telling her concerning your recent trip to Italy. Voila! Footage of the trip suddenly emerges beneath your mugs.

9) The house that tracks your children
The “telepathic” Google Latitude bell, another product developed by Rose and colleagues, enables you to understand wherever your members of the family are and once they are approaching home.

10) The fork that helps you slenderize
Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013, Hapifork created the jump from MIT research to client household item in an imposingly short quantity of your time.