Toyota intoduces new autunomous mapping technoloy. This system basically gathers data from production vehicles and will help the safe introduction of automated driving. Prevoius system of data collection was mapping via 3D laser scanner has to be manually edited to get data. In this process data collection was inaccurate. But with new system of toyota, we have improved and accurate mapping of U.S roads needed to put self –drivers on the road. Toyota’s new system uses camera embedded in the vehicle to gather road images and vehicle positional information. This information is then sent to data centers, where it is automatically pieced together, updated and corrected to get highly precision map. It covers wide area.
Camera coupled with GPS provides most accurate road map information. Automated driving systems will need an accurate understanding of road layouts and traffic restrictions, speed limits and signage. Also, precise measurement of vehicle positional data requires the collection of information on dividing lines, kerbs and other road features. Toyota’s new system uses automated, cloud-based spatial information generation technology to generate high-precision road image data from the databanks and GPS devices used by designated vehicles. There is a higher risk of error with a system that relies on cameras and GPS in this way, compared with one that uses 3D laser scanners, but positional errors can be mitigated by using image matching technologies that integrate and correct the road image data from multiple vehicles, as well as high-precision trajectory estimation technologies. This restricts the margin of error on straight roads to a maximum of 5cm. By using production vehicles and existing infrastructure to collect information, this data can be updated in real time. It can also be implemented and scaled up at a relatively low cost.
It’s a cheaper solution than using expensive laser scanners and though initial scans will be fairly crude and inaccurate, as more and more vehicles pass by the maps will become more and more detailed. Toyota suggests that after scans from multiple vehicles, maps could be accurate to within 5cm.

Map generation system demo