TrekDesk is a treadmill to workout at work. Now you need not to spend extra time for weight management,you can do exercise and manage work together. The TrekDesk treadmill desk fits virtually any existing treadmill with unique features designed to keep you walking slowly, feeling great and working through out the day.It improves your mental and physical health.
It is 72 inches long by 34 inches wide. Two height adjustable support legs are fixed in position 49 inches apart, providing a solid, robust steel base; adjusting to perfect ergonomic settings for employees who are 5 feet to 6 feet 4 inches tall.
TrekDesk treadmill desk is made from premium, powder coated steel and features a resilient steel reinforced LDPE desktop, materials and construction designed to last a lifetime. TrekDesk even folds up for easy storage when not in use or transport to another location. It also includes a manuscript holder, allowing you to read books, magazines or manuscripts while you type, talk and walk. A file folder with 3 levels and a top stand to place your telephone, headset, or cell phone and two cup/utility holders are also included.

Features of TrekDesk:

1. Accessory slots
2. Large, scratch-resistant work surface (72″ X 34″)
3. Beveled edges for comfort and appearance
4. Numbered and adjustable desk height settings
5. Durable metal base support system
6. Utilization of incline feature
7. Logo area
8. Accessible treadmill controls and accessories
9. Manuscript holder for books, magazines, papers, etc.
10. Phone stand and file tray
11. Stability support struts
12. Robust metal support arms
13. Cup holders
14. Universal design that works with nearly any treadmill
15. Folds for easy transport and storage
16. Accommodates all laptop and keyboard sizes
17. Can be used as standalone adjustable height desk.
18. Powder-coated steel frame with steel rein- forced LDPE desktop
19. For home and commercial use



TrekDesk treadmill desk is made out of durable materials (steel & HDPE) designed to last a lifetime and is easy to assemble. ROHS-Certified safe product.


Health Benefits Of TrekDesk:

1. Weight loss of up to 50-70 lbs in a single year without restrictive dieting
2. Reduces stress and depression symptoms 30%-47% faster and more effectively than medications (source: Harvard Medical School)
3. Long-term Success: Requires no extra time, effort or motivation
4. 50% reduction in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes (source: American Diabetes Association)
5. Reduces the risk of cancers 30-70% (source: National Institutes for Health)
6. Improves memory and cognitive abilities as much as 15% in a 6 month period (source: University of Illinois)
7. A workout at work with a TrekDesk treadmill desk slows physical and mental aging processes
8. 90% reduction in risk of initial heart attacks (source: American Heart Association)
9. 70% reduction in the risk of stroke (source: American Heart Association)
10. Strengthens the immune system, prevents disease and restores health.
11. Helps reduce health care costs for employers
12. Reduces need for some medications
13. At work workouts with TrekDesk may decrease the risk of contracting glaucoma
14. Increases regularity, decreases incidence of constipation
15. Significantly less stress on your joints than running
16. Increases libido and decreases the incidence of impotence, enhancing sex life
17. Decreases incidence of sleep apnea and enhances sleep
18. A walking workout at work with TrekDesk protects against likelihood of hip fractures
19. Increases levels of self satisfaction and wellness
20. Decreases employee “presenteeism”
21. Switches on the body’s metabolic furnace for more efficient calorie burning.
22. Stimulate the lymphatic system and wards off disease
23. Stimulates brain function, improving memory as much as 15% over a 6-month period
24. Increases blood flow to the brain and increases productivity
25. Improves mood and wards off mild depression without medication
26. Promotes significant weight loss and control of appetite
27. Prevents onset of Type II Diabetes and assists with control
28. Improves blood circulation throughout the body
29. Improves lung capacity and strength
30. Promotes healthy restorative sleep patterns