The Japanese company H2L, based in Tokyo, has created a device UnlimitedHand, which will allow to feel the virtual reality. This device is very similar to the sleeve Case for the iPhone, but without the iPhone. And inside this “case” is located tactile sensor as well as a number of small, multi-channel electronic muscle stimulators.
The tactile sensor is able to detect as you move your hand, and allows it to move in a similar way in the world of virtual reality. Meanwhile,electronic muscle stimulators sent a series of precise electronic impulses passing through your muscles, allowing you to feel resistance or discomfort. According to the developers, UnlimitedHand gives the feeling of touching, grabbing or stroking of any object in the virtual world. The device allows you to feel pain, even in the games, but the pain is manifested not in the usual form, and just as numbness or tingling.
The developers point out that to enhance the feeling of immersion,bracelet need to use in tandem with virtual reality goggles. The controller can be independently reprogrammed for driving the various devices, since it is compatible with the platform Arduino.
In any case, UnlimitedHand gives almost total immersion in the virtual world, allowing you to fully feel like a hero of the game. So far,campaign is to raise funds for the commercial release.