White screen of death means ,when we try to access our website and can’t access it and see a blank screen.


The main reason behind white screen of death compatibility issues with a plugin or a theme, like one plugin may have conflict with another plugin or plugin may not be compatible with the latest version of wordpress.Sometimes theme may also be incomaptible with the updated version of wordpress.

How to remove error:
You need to find the plugin or theme which creating error and need to replace it with any other theme or plugin.

For plugins:

1. Go to plugins folder through filezilla
2. Rename it as plugins_old and create new folder named plugin
3. Now refresh you web page , if your website works fine now than there is issue with some plugins only
4. when you open your plugin page all your plugin will be deactivated,activate it one by one to know the plugin which causes error.
5. Now copy all plugins file(plugins which are working fine) form plugins_old to plugin folder.

For theme:

1. Rename the folder of current active theme .
2. Refresh the web page.
3. Your default theme will be activated automatically ,leaving the error behind.